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End Feed Copper Capillary Fittings

End Feed Copper Capillary Fittings
Model: Delcop / Kiwa

End Feed Copper Capillary Fittings To BS 864-2 For Connecting EN1057 / BS 2871 Copper Tubes

Made in U.K. England


Conex Delcop End Feed capillary fittings are available in sizes 6-54mm and are suitable for connecting copper tubes in accordance with EN 1057 (formerly BS 2871: Part 1) and many other standards including ISO 274.

Delcop End Feed fittings are primarily designed for solder applications but, with the exception of Union fittings with copper tails, may also be brazed. For sizes above 54mm please refer to the section on Conex Delbraze and Conex Clyde ranges.


Sizes: 12mm - 159mm

  • Straight Coupling (ART 601)
  • 45º Elbow (ART 606)
  • 90º Elbow (ART 607)
  • Equal Tee (ART 611)
  • End Cap (ART 617)
  • Gunmetal Flanges To BS10 T/E or PN16 (ART DB 741)
  • Reducing Coupling (ART 601R)
  • Reducing Tee (ART 611RB)
  • Gunmetal CxMI Adaptor (ART 704)
  • Gunmetal CxFI Adaptor (ART 703)
  • Gunmetal CxFI Elbow (ART 707-3)
  • Unequal Tee (ART 611RB)
  • Oyster Converter
  • Oyster Tools
  • Silver Welding Rod
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