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ABS Fittings

ABS Fittings
Model: BBB / Eurapipe

ABS Fittings

These ABS pressure fittings are complied with MS 1419 : Part 2 which is based on Australian Standard 3518.2. These fittings are used for solvent cement jointing to ABS pipes. ABS piping system is suitable for pressure application including conveyance of potable water, other liquidsand gases.

ABS pressure fittings for sizes ranging from 15mm to 150mm (½ in to 6 in). as above sizes please ask for enquiry from factory


Sizes Range:-

15mm - 150mm

Elbow 45º & 90º
Equal Socket
Valve Socket
Equal Tee
Full Face Flange
Stub Flange
Barrel Nipple
End Cap
P/T Socket
P/T Tee
P/T Elbow
Reducing Bush
Reducing Socket
Reducing Tee
Solvent Cement

ABS Fittings
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