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Ductile Iron Fittings

Ductile Iron Fittings
Model: Norwards

Ductile Iron Fittings

Ductile Iron Fittings To BS EN 545 Cement Mortat Lining Internally c/w Zinc Coating & Bitumen Coating Externally 
(Flange Drilled To BS 4504 PN16 or BS 10 Table 'E'


  • Double Flange Bend K12
  • Double Socket Bend K12
  • Degree : 45, 90, 22½, 11¼
  • 90º Long Radius Bend
  • 90º D/F Duckfoot Bend


  • Weld On Flanges PN16
  • Screw On Flanges without Threaded
  • Blank Flanges


  • All Flange Tee
  • All Socket Tee
  • Flanges Double Socket Tee
  • All Flange Radial Tee
  • All Flange Level Invert Tee
  • Flange Double Socket Invert Tee


  • Double Socket Taper
  • Double Flange Concentric Taper
  • Double Flange Taper

Flange Socket

Flange Bellmouth


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