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ABS Pipes

ABS Pipes
Model: BBB / Eurapipe

ABS Pressure Pipe Systems

Renowned as one of the toughest and high security piping systems available on the market today, ABS is used for many arduous and diverse applications. These cover mechanical services, mining & mineral processing, industrial & power generation, water & wastewater infrastructure and industrial plumbing to name but a few.

These pipes are complied with MS 1419 : Part 1 which is based on Australian Standard 3518.1. These pipes are used for pressure application for conveyance of potable water, other liquids and gases. The pipes shall be classified according to maximum static working pressure at a pipe material temperature of 20°C as follow:

Class 12 – Maximum static working pressure of 12 bar.
Class 15 – Maximum static working pressure of 15 bar.

Sizes Range:-

15mm - 20mm PN15
25mm - 150mm PN 12 or PN 15

as above sizes, please ask for enquiry.

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