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Polypropylene Pipes

Polypropylene Pipes
Model: SPA

"Polypropylene Pipes" Chemical Resitant Mechanical Plumbing System 

For Corrosive Waste (All Colour : Black)

Polypropylene (P.P) Plumbing System such as piping, sinks and drip cups, laboratory fittings, and Laboratory Service Fitting such as water tap and gas cock. Others include emergency shower with eyewash, fume cupboard, fan and neutralising tank.

Sizes Range:-

  • 38mm x 4m Long (PP900-014)
  • 51mm x 3m Long (PP900-023)
  • 51mm x 4m Long (PP900-024)
  • 76mm x 3m Long (PP900-033)
  • 76mm x 4m Long (PP900-034)
  • 102mm x 3m Long (PP900-043)
  • 102mm x 4m Long (PP900-044)
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