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Vitrified Clay Pipes

Vitrified Clay Pipes
Model: GBH

Vitrified Clay Pipes

EZY-joint Vitrified Clay Pipes is designed exclusively by GBH, and offers a new standard of tigh seating and quick, hassle-free installation.The joining system consists of a socket section fitted with an EZY-joint held in place by an epoxy sealant. The EZY-joint is made of 100% natural rubber, and will not turn brittle in the sun, 'creep' under pressure or deteriorate in transit or storage. The EZY-Joint is precisely fitted, providing a durable, long-lasting sealing system.

GBH Ezy Joint VCPs Fully comply to MS1061 : PT.1:1999, BS EN295-1:1991

  • 150mm (1.75m)
  • 200mm (2.0m)
  • 225mm (2.0m)
  • 250mm (1.5m , 2.0m)
  • 300mm (1.5m , 2.0m)
  • 375mm (1.5m , 2.0m)
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